Control your PC from your Web Browser

The power of the Windows Task Manager... in your Web Browser!

Easily control processes, services, users, files and more on your remote computer with PC Commander

Free For Windows 11/10/8 & Server 2022/2019/2016/2012
Use PC Commander to:
  • View all running processes and safely stop any you choose
  • Control all services, starting, stopping, pausing or resuming any at will
  • Disconnect or log off any user logged on to your PC
  • Browse your PC's drives and folders and view/download any file you choose
  • View important information in the Event Logs
  • Restart your computer, monitor overall CPU and memory usage, and perform many other Windows Task Manager activities
Control your remote PC from your browser
Furthermore, PC Commander is fully standalone and is very easy to install and administer. It does not require IIS, Apache, PHP, MySQL, J2EE, or any other web components to do its job.

Overview: Web Task Manager

Key Features & Benefits of managing your PC remotely with PC Commander

  • Take control of anything running on your computer!
  • Starts when your computer boots for 100% availability; no need to log on
  • Monitor overall system statistics (CPU, Memory, Users, etc.)
  • View the properties of all services (Status, Log on, description, etc.)
  • Start, stop, pause or resume any service
  • View the properties of all running processes (CPU, Memory, User, Priority, etc.)
  • Terminate any running process
  • Change the priority of any running process
  • View or download any file on your PC's hard drive, floppy drive, CD, or USB storage device
  • See which users are logged on to your PC
  • Disconnect or log off any user logged on to your PC
  • View the Windows Event Logs
  • Easily reboot or shutdown your PC
  • Very easy to use
  • Effortless install and zero maintenance — No need to install IIS, Apache, PHP, MySQL, J2EE, or any other web components
  • Supports HTTPS for increased security
  • Works in all virtual environments (VMware, Virtual PC, etc.)
  • Works with all modern browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge, and Google Chrome
  • Very efficient; demands minimal CPU & memory resources

But perhaps most important of all, PC Commander was designed and implemented by Senior Software Engineers with over 25 years of real-world experience developing robust, mission-critical applications. Our software is of the highest quality, and we stand by it without reservation.

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