AlwaysUp Web Service Version History

Version 11 (June 23 2018)

New Features
  • Compatible with AlwaysUp version 11.
  • Added support for "Waiting" states.
  • Added support for application tags.
Fixes & Improvements
  • Improved performance when reading from the Windows Event log.

Version 8 (August 22 2014)

New features
  • Added the ability to prevent users from starting/stopping/restarting applications.
  • Enhanced the get-status API method to return verbose information.
Fixes & Improvements
  • Applications marked as disabled in AlwaysUp are no longer shown.
  • Updated the self signed certificate used for HTTPS (expires in 2024).
  • Restart in the same session instead of always restarting in session 0. (July 28 2012)

New features
  • Compatible with AlwaysUp version 8.
Fixes & Improvements
  • Fixed a bug when reading from the output file.
  • Fixed a bug where SSL file transmissions would sometimes hang.

Version 7 (December 27 2011)

New features
  • Added support for HTTPS.
Fixes & Improvements
  • Reduced the program size and improved overall performance. (April 3 2011)

New features
  • Added a State column.
  • Columns can now be sorted.
  • Added a button to restart a running service.
Fixes & Improvements
  • Improved the performance of reading from the Event Logs.

Version 2 (December 21 2008)

New features
  • (None)
Fixes & Improvements
  • Improvements for branding. (July 13 2008)

New features
  • Added an option to enable/disable the "Restart the computer" functionality.
  • Added support for Windows Server 2008 (all editions).
Fixes & Improvements
  • Fixed a bug where an activity report could fail bacause of "insufficient space". (January 12 2008)

New features
  • Added the ability to restart the computer.
  • Added a link to show the output file captured by AlwaysUp when that feature is configured.
Fixes & Improvements
  • Various improvements to the API.
  • Increased the login timeout from 5 to 10 minutes. (September 15 2007)

New features
  • Established a HTTP & XML API for controlling applications.
  • Allow the Web Service to bind to a single IP address instead of binding to all.
Fixes & Improvements
  • Fixed a problem where starting and stopping an application repeatedly may hang the web service.
  • Improved performance on Vista. (March 25 2007)

New features
  • Added support for Site & OEM branding.
  • All images are now served from the Web Service machine instead of our Internet web server.
Fixes & Improvements
  • Made various changes to fully support Vista.
  • Fixed a bug where a report could fail bacause of "insufficient space".

Version 1 (August 27 2006)

New features
  • Added the ability to report on applications' activities.
Fixes & Improvements
  • Improved the concurrency (multiple browsers can now be served simultaneously).
  • Reduced the size of the executable files. (August 6 2006)

  • Initial public release.

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