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Easily start any application at boot and run it 24/7 as a Windows Service
Service Protector
Automatically restart your Windows Services and keep them running 24/7
AlwaysUp Command Line Tools
Developers/OEMs: Deploy your applications as Windows Services in the background
Service Security Editor
Easily set permissions for your Windows Service
AlwaysUp Web Service
Control your AlwaysUp-deployed applications from your web browser
Easily manage your important Windows Services from the Windows taskbar
Quickly control any Windows Service from a tray icon
Service Trigger Editor
Manage Trigger-Start Services, to start/stop Windows Services on demand
Windows Service Auditor
Who started, stopped or modified your important Windows Service?
Switch To Session 0
Easily access the isolated Session 0 from a tray icon
Easily start, stop or restart Windows Services from the command line (and batch files)


Ping any URL to check that your web server is performing normally
 New! Copy/Move/Navigate folders in Windows Explorer
Easily copy/move/navigate your commonly used folders in Windows Explorer
PC Commander
Control your computer's processes, services, users, files and more from your browser
Run With Restricted Rights
Easily launch your Windows executable securely, without administrator rights

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