Automatically restart failed Windows Services

Adult supervision for your misbehaving Windows Services!

Service Protector automatically restarts your mission-critical Windows Services whenever they crash, hang, leak or fail. Run 24/7 today!

For Windows 11/10/8 & Server 2022/2019/2016/2012 All major credit cards accepted

SQL Server Agent / MongoDB / Apache Tomcat / Apache HTTP Server

Service Protector will help your Windows Services achieve 100% uptime, even when they crash, hang, leak memory, or hog the CPU. You can even plug in your own custom failure-detection script/program to identify "zombie services", which seem to be running but are not doing what they are supposed to do. Or automatically restart your Windows Service every night when no one is logged on, to cure memory leaks and other imperfections.
Automatically Restart any Windows Service when it Fails | Free 30-day Trial!
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Email from Service Protector will let you know when it detects (and automatically resolves) problems with your Windows Services. You will read the emails with a smile, knowing that your system experienced near-zero downtime without you having to remotely log in or babysit the software.

Service Protector is easy to use, affordable, and free to try, so why not see how it can help you to avoid those annoying 3 AM support calls?

Overview: Auto Restart Windows Service

Key Features & Benefits of Running your Windows Service 24/7 with Service Protector

  • Constantly monitors your Windows Service and automatically restarts it whenever it fails
  • Able to detect and restart "misbehaving" services that hang, hog the CPU, or consume too much memory
  • Automatically recognizes and restarts services stuck in the Starting or Stopping state
  • Able to restart your Windows Service (or reboot the computer) at a scheduled time (tame those memory leaks!)
  • Supports the integration of your own custom failure detection utility, executed regularly to test if your Windows Service is functioning normally or not
  • Automatically dismisses common "Application error" dialog boxes that prevent crashed executables from fully exiting
  • Reports all activities to the Windows Event Log
  • Works in all virtual environments (VMWare, Virtual PC, etc.)
  • Very efficient; demands minimal CPU & memory resources
  • Free, courteous technical support via email or phone
  • No programming required

But perhaps most important of all, Service Protector was designed and implemented by Senior Software Engineers with over 25 years of real-world experience developing robust, mission-critical applications. Our software is of the highest quality, and we stand by it without reservation.

Overview: Auto Restart Windows Service

Why do I need Service Protector? Isn't the builtin Windows Service Recovery good enough?

Windows 2000 introduced a basic service recovery mechanism to handle Services that stop prematurely. When a Windows Service stops abnormally (i.e. while not in the stopped state) it can be restarted, a program can be run, or the machine can be rebooted. While this minimal functionality will be adequate for many, professionals in mission-critical environments will appreciate the advanced features that Service Protector offers, including:

  1. Hang detection: Non-responsive Windows Services or those "stuck" in the Stopping or Starting states for too long can be automatically restarted.

  2. CPU hog detection: Windows Services consuming too much CPU can be auto-restarted.

  3. Memory hog detection: Windows Services eating up RAM can be terminated and restarted to release the memory.

  4. 24/7 uptime: The builtin functionality will only take action when a Windows Service stops "abnormally" (i.e. when not in the stopped state). So if a user or program stops your Service, or if your Service fails to start at boot, it will not be restarted. Service Protector will auto-restart your Windows Service, no matter how it stops.

  5. Email: Notifications are sent whenever a Windows Service fails and has to be restarted.

  6. Extensibility: Add your own, customized failure detection plugins to detect and restart "zombie" Windows Services

  7. Workflow: Run a batch file or program prior to restarting your Windows Service.

  8. Scheduled restarts: Restart your Windows Service (or reboot the PC) at specific times. Minimize the effects of memory leaks, etc. and keep your service "fresh"!

  9. Daily/Weekly reports: Service Protector will email you summaries of restarts, crashes, etc.

  10. Dismiss "Application Error" windows: These pesky "I have crashed!" message boxes can hold up the action. Service Protector will automatically click them.

Overview: Auto Restart Windows Service

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