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Q&A: How do I Test the “Check Web Server” Sanity Check?

  I’ve already started the trial of the Service Protector and I’m comfortable with the way it is working. I manually stopped my web service and Service Protector started it up right away. I’m specifically interested in detecting some nasty 502 … Continue reading

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Q&A: What’s the Difference between AlwaysUp and Service Protector?

  We own a license of both AlwaysUp and Service Protector. It seems like AlwaysUp is able to do more (larger feature set) however the pricing is less then Service Protector. We are setting up new servers and need to transfer … Continue reading

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Need an Official Sales Quote? Create a PDF in 1-2 Minutes

Do you work for a corporation looking to purchase our software? Do you need an official sales quote — with letterhead, logo, etc. — to get the ball rolling? If so, our new self-service quote-generator is here to help! So … Continue reading

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Bulletproof your Windows Services with Service Protector Version 6

Version 6 of Service Protector — our professional utility that babysits any Windows Service — was released a few days ago. Here is a quick look at what’s new: Easily restart service protection from the toolbar Customers who occasionally restart … Continue reading

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Essential Windows Services: Spooler

In this article… What is the Spooler service? What happens if I stop the Spooler service? Is it safe to disable the Spooler service? What should I do if the Spooler service isn’t working? I made a mistake. How do … Continue reading

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