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OneDrive Version 23.48: Trouble Running in Session 0 [RESOLVED]

This week, several AlwaysUp customers reported that OneDrive suddenly stopped copying their files. It seems that the trouble began after OneDrive automatically updated itself to version 23.048.0305.0002, which Microsoft started pushing to everyone on March 21st. Needless to say, we’re … Continue reading

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Q&A: Can I Sync Multiple Dropbox Accounts with AlwaysUp?

  I’m using AlwaysUp to install Dropbox as a service. Is it possible to run more than one Dropbox instance simultaneously, each from a different user profile? I realize in general this is a “Not A Good Thing to do”, but … Continue reading

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Q&A: Why can’t AlwaysUp run my Batch File?

  Hi. I think I’ve written a batch file that your AlwaysUp software cannot run as a service. Here are the contents of my file: @echo off > usermessage.vbs ECHO Set wshShell = CreateObject( “WScript.Shell” ) >>usermessage.vbs ECHO wshShell.Popup “My Text … Continue reading

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Box Drive Version 2.18 Fails to Run in Session 0 (as a Windows Service)

Do you run Box Drive as a Windows Service, to ensure that file synchronization starts as soon as your server boots? If so, please be aware that Box Drive version 2.18 may not start properly in the background! Version 2.18 … Continue reading

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Q&A: Why doesn’t “Allow service to interact with desktop” work?

  Our legacy Windows Service shows an alert box when it fails to print a document on our server 2012 R2 controller. I went into the service, clicked on the properties and set it to be able to interact with the … Continue reading

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