Easily start, stop or restart your Windows Service on a schedule

Want to Start, Stop or Restart a Windows Service at a Scheduled Time?

Service Scheduler is the free & easy way to take control of any service — with just a few clicks

Free For Windows 11/10 & Server 2022/2019/2016/2012

Service Scheduler is a free, administrative utility that lets you start, stop or restart a Windows Service whenever you like.

Set it and forget it!

For example, with Service Scheduler you can easily:

  • Restart a misbehaving service every night, to avoid it locking up when people need it during the day;

  • Shut down a service before a maintenance window and start it again after maintenance has concluded;

  • Ensure that a critical service starts at the beginning of your work day;

  • Ensure that a costly service stops at the end of your work day.

Service Scheduler's intuitive interface makes it super easy to schedule your service operation. For example, here's how to instruct Service Scheduler to restart the Print Spooler service every day at 3 AM (when no one should be printing!):

And it's just as easy to stop your Postgres database service at 11 PM on September 17 (at the beginning of a Saturday maintenance window):


How to use Service Scheduler

  1. Download Service Scheduler. Save the executable file on your desktop, or to another well-known location on your computer.

  2. Double-click the ServiceScheduler.exe file to launch the program on your desktop. If necessary, click "Yes" to confirm the standard User Account Control (UAC) security prompt:

  3. The window that comes up lists all the active service tasks (when you want to start, stop or restart a service). It will be empty since you don't have any service tasks yet:

  4. Let's add a new service task to restart the Spooler service every morning at 3 AM. Choose Service Task > New (or click the button):

  5. Next, select Restart, choose the Spooler service and configure the time:

  6. Click Save. The new service task will show up in the list:

  7. And that's it! Going forward, your Spooler service will restart at 3AM every night.

Afterwards, you can click:

  • to edit your service task (change the time, etc.);

  • to start, stop or restart your service immediately (to test, etc.);

  • to remove the service task.

Happy scheduling!


Download Service Scheduler Version 2.0

2.5 MB EXE
  • Portable — simply download and run
  • For Windows 11/10 and Windows Server 2022/2019/2016/2012
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