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Service Scheduler Frequently Asked Questions & Answers (FAQ)

Find out more about Service Scheduler — the easiest way to start, stop or restart your Windows Service at a specific time

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  1. Does Service Scheduler use the Windows Task Scheduler?


    To elaborate, Service Scheduler creates a scheduled task for each service operation you specify. Those tasks that can be viewed in the Windows Task Scheduler, in the "Service Scheduler" subfolder.

    For example, if you instruct Service Scheduler to restart the Windows Time service every day at midnight, you will find a corresponding scheduled task in the Task Scheduler library:

    Service Scheduler: Scheduled Task

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  3. How does Service Scheduler actually start/stop/restart my Windows Service?

    Service Scheduler runs an appropriate PowerShell command to control your service.

    For example, to restart the Windows Time service — which is named "W32Time" — Service Scheduler runs:

    powershell -command "Restart-Service 'W32Time'"

    In fact, that command is configured as the "Action" of the scheduled task created to restart the service:

    Scheduled Task action to restart the Windows Time service

    You will find that the PowerShell command works just as well from your desktop.

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  5. Do I need to keep the Service Scheduler executable on my computer after I schedule my services?


    Because Service Scheduler creates scheduled tasks that runs PowerShell commands, you don't need to keep ServiceScheduler.exe on your machine. Even if you delete the program, your Windows Services will continue to be started, stopped or restarted just as you configured.

    However, we encourage you to keep Service Scheduler on your computer, especially if you intend to make changes. There really isn't a better way to set up your services on a schedule!

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