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Q&A: Why did Dropbox Stop Copying/Synchronizing my Files?

My client who has AlwaysUp for Dropbox running on his server informed me that his files stopped syncing. I created a test file in their folder that is supposed to be syncing and sure enough, it was not working. I … Continue reading

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4 Amazing Benefits of Monitoring & Auto-Restarting your Mission-Critical Applications

Does your company rely on one or more important Windows applications? Will your business (and reputation) suffer if those programs stop running or become unavailable? If so, downtime is your enemy. Look to our AlwaysUp and Service Protector utilities to … Continue reading

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Why you should Disable Smart Sync when Running Dropbox as a Windows Service

In this article… What is Dropbox Smart Sync? How Smart Sync works: Supporting technologies NTFS Sparse Files technology Windows file system Minifilter driver technology Windows Interprocess Communication (IPC) Implication #1: Files cannot be downloaded without an Internet connection Implication #2: … Continue reading

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Moving your AlwaysUp Applications/Services? Easily Import Them All at Once

Do you manage multiple applications in AlwaysUp? Across multiple machines? If so, AlwaysUp’s new “bulk import” feature might make your life a bit easier. 🙂 Instead of adding applications one-by-one (as described in the “How to move your applications” article), … Continue reading

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AlwaysUp 12: Bulk Import & Improvements for Dropbox

AlwaysUp version 12 is out! Here are the most notable advancements in our popular “run anything as a Windows Service” software: Easily import application XML files “in bulk” — instead of one at a time The best way to copy … Continue reading

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