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AlwaysUp 11.5: Improvements for Session 0 Isolation, Server 2019, and more

AlwaysUp version 11.5 is now available for download! This release delivers a handful of important changes, along with the usual under-the-hood refinements. “Switch to Session 0″ removed when it’s not supported As you may have noticed, Microsoft has crippled access … Continue reading

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Running Multiple Windows Services? AlwaysUp 11 is Here to Help!

With all the excitement of a freshly minted high-school graduate, we are pleased to announce the release of AlwaysUp version 11! This major update maintains laser focus on the software’s singular purpose — running your important applications and programs 24×7, … Continue reading

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AlwaysUp 10.5: Restricted Rights, Smoother Shutdowns, and more

We’re happy to announce a new version of AlwaysUp — our popular application that runs any application 24×7 as a Windows Service. It has been more than 6 months since the last public release so here is what’s new: Start … Continue reading

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AlwaysUp Version 10 Released: Keep Your Windows App Running 24/7/365

Version 10 of AlwaysUp, which runs any application as a Windows Service, was released last month. The major changes include: Improved compatibility with Microsoft’s latest OS, Windows Server 2016. Several annoying Data Execution Prevention (DEP) issues on Windows 8 & … Continue reading

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Windows Service Protector 5.3 Monitors Multiple CPUs

If you are responsible for keeping a CPU-hogging Windows Service running all the time, then we have some great news! Service Protector, our time-saving administrative tool that helps any Windows Service achieve 100% uptime, is now able to monitor processor … Continue reading

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How to Access your Computer’s Processes, Services, Files, Users and Logs — all from your Web Browser

PC Commander 4.0, our free tool that helps you manage your remote computers, is now available for download. This convenient software allows you to control your PC entirely from your web browser. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and even … Continue reading

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AlwaysUp 9: Improvements for running Dropbox/Google Drive/Box Sync/OneDrive 24×7 in the background

We are pleased to announce the availability of AlwaysUp version 9.0, our market leading run-anything-as-windows-service solution used by thousands worldwide! New features include: Better support for Dropbox, Google Drive and other Applications Programs that allow you to run only a … Continue reading

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AlwaysUp 8.7: Restart your Application when the PC Resumes

We are happy to report that AlwaysUp now integrates with the Windows power management system, to provide the ability to restart your applications when the host computer resumes from a low-power state (sleep or hibernation). This option is useful if … Continue reading

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Hey scripters, http-ping now returns the HTTP status code

Savvy programmers and administrators often use our free http-ping command line utility to check that their web servers up and serving pages. http-ping’s return code (the percentage of page downloads that succeeded) lets them know when the web server is … Continue reading

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MyFolders 3.5: Save time working with your files and folders

MyFolders, our free utility that helps you copy or move files to your favorite folders, has been updated. Version 3.5 focuses on improving compatibility with Windows 8 and Server 2012 while fixing a bug handling some non-English file names. MyFolders … Continue reading

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