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ChatGPT Knows Windows Services

Like many folks this holiday season, we’ve been playing with OpenAI’s ChatGPT — the surprisingly conversational AI engine taking the world by storm. We were particularly interested in what ChatGPT thinks of Windows Services, which are highly technical and often … Continue reading

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Q&A: Can I Sync Multiple Dropbox Accounts with AlwaysUp?

  I’m using AlwaysUp to install Dropbox as a service. Is it possible to run more than one Dropbox instance simultaneously, each from a different user profile? I realize in general this is a “Not A Good Thing to do”, but … Continue reading

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Q&A: Why did my Windows Service Start Unexpectedly?

  I’ve got a Windows Service that keeps starting by itself. Why is that happening? I’m pulling my hair out trying to figure out why… — Colin P. Hi Colin. There may be several culprits here. Let’s go through a few. … Continue reading

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How to Export the List of Windows Services on Your Computer

1. Export to CSV or tabbed text with the Services application Perhaps the easiest way to export your services is with the built-in Windows Services application — services.msc. To export, simply: Start Services. Click the Start button, type services.msc in … Continue reading

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