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Q & A: How Do I Turn Off Service Protector During Scheduled Maintenance?

Wanted to know if there‚Äôs a way for Service Protector to not monitor a service during a patching period of time? Or any scheduled period of time without sending a million alerts? — Mark @ Red Roof Inns Hi Mark. … Continue reading

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AlwaysUp not Working? Please Send us these Details so we can Help!

Sorry to hear that you are having a problem running your application with AlwaysUp! Windows services can be tricky beasts but our team of experts has spent many years wrestling them into submission. Rest assured that we will do our … Continue reading

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Q & A: How do I Update my Dropbox Preferences?

I have a 10 installations of AlwaysUp in my company that are running Dropbox as a service. Is there a way I can surface the Dropbox icon in the taskbar whilst it is running underneath AlwaysUp? I need to make … Continue reading

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How do I Move my AlwaysUp/Windows Services to a New Server?

To transfer your AlwaysUp Windows Services to a new computer, please follow this 4-step process: 1. Export your AlwaysUp Application(s) from your Existing Server If you don’t want to move any applications/services from your old server, go straight to step … Continue reading

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Introducing the AlwaysUp Troubleshooter: Helping you configure your application as a Windows Service

We are happy to announce the availability of the AlwaysUp Troubleshooter – our online, step-by-step guide to help you identify and resolve the most common problems encountered when configuring your application as a windows service. The troubleshooter is very easy … Continue reading

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