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Q&A: Should I use NET or SC to start/stop/restart our Windows Services?

  My team manages a few third-party Windows Services. We plan to write scripts that start, stop and restart the services as part of regular maintenance through batch files. Should we use NET or SC? What’s the difference? Is one more … Continue reading

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Q&A: How do I Restart my Windows Service at a Specific Time every Week?

  I want to restart some specific service for a specific time every week. Can I use the NET command? — Shanmuga Hi Shanmuga. Yes. With the help of the Windows Task Scheduler, you can use the NET command to restart … Continue reading

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Q & A: How do I Restart my Application/Service Regularly from AlwaysUp?

  We are currently using AlwaysUp with several executable instances. We need to have these restarted daily due to memory leaks from the application. I don’t see a scheduling restart option in AlwaysUp. I think this could be done through a … Continue reading

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Q & A: How Do I Turn Off Service Protector During Scheduled Maintenance?

  Wanted to know if there’s a way for Service Protector to not monitor a service during a patching period of time? Or any scheduled period of time without sending a million alerts? — Mark @ Red Roof Inns Hi Mark. … Continue reading

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