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OneDrive Version 23.48: Trouble Running in Session 0 [RESOLVED]

This week, several AlwaysUp customers reported that OneDrive suddenly stopped copying their files. It seems that the trouble began after OneDrive automatically updated itself to version 23.048.0305.0002, which Microsoft started pushing to everyone on March 21st. Needless to say, we’re … Continue reading

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Q&A: How do I get AlwaysUp to Run the Latest Google Drive for desktop?

  We’re using your AlwaysUp to run Google Drive for desktop even when no one is logged on. But the install folder keeps changing on update (folder name is the current Google Drive version). After an automatic update, AlwaysUp (obviously) still … Continue reading

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How to Survive Automatic Updates when Running 24/7 with AlwaysUp

Automatic software updates: An overview For Windows users, software updates are a regular part of life. Vendors like Microsoft, Adobe and Oracle are constantly tweaking their software, which then inundate us with “helpful” nudges. This prompt from printer manufacturer Brother … Continue reading

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Automatic Update Breaks Google Drive Windows Service

Google Drive Service Not Synchronizing Files on Windows Last Thursday Jeremy Farber from Securis reported a problem with his Google Drive Windows Service:  Having an issue with Google Drive where the sync doesn’t seem to take place right away. Any … Continue reading

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How to Disable Automatic Updates when Running MT4 as a Windows Service

MetaTrader 4 (affectionately called MT4) is a very popular Forex trading platform. Several of our customers run the MT4 client as a Windows Service with AlwaysUp, ensuring that their trading platform operates continuously during trading hours. Automatic Updates can cause … Continue reading

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