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Q&A: Why doesn’t “Allow service to interact with desktop” work?

  Our legacy Windows Service shows an alert box when it fails to print a document on our server 2012 R2 controller. I went into the service, clicked on the properties and set it to be able to interact with the … Continue reading

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How to Fix the “OpenGL” Problem when Running Dropbox as a Windows Service

What’s the problem with Dropbox? As we wrote about last week, Dropbox version 81.4.195 often fails to run as a background Windows Service. The telltale sign that Dropbox is in trouble is this wordy alert, which appears in Session 0: … Continue reading

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Bulletproof your Windows Services with Service Protector Version 6

Version 6 of Service Protector — our professional utility that babysits any Windows Service — was released a few days ago. Here is a quick look at what’s new: Easily restart service protection from the toolbar Customers who occasionally restart … Continue reading

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AlwaysUp 11.5: Improvements for Session 0 Isolation, Server 2019, and more

AlwaysUp version 11.5 is now available for download! This release delivers a handful of important changes, along with the usual under-the-hood refinements. “Switch to Session 0” removed when it’s not supported As you may have noticed, Microsoft has crippled access … Continue reading

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Q & A: My VB6 App Doesn’t Refresh in Session 0 — Help!

  We have a VB6 application we’re running as a service in AlwaysUp on Windows Server 2012 R2. When we run the application outside of AlwaysUp, the form refreshes fine. When we run the application in AlwaysUp, it can sometimes take … Continue reading

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