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Q&A: How do I Launch a Service after AlwaysUp Starts my Application?

   I’m interested in purchasing your AlwaysUp application but would like some further information first if you don’t mind. My main goal is to run Google Drive for desktop as a service. But there is an existing Windows Service that … Continue reading

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Q&A: Can AlwaysUp Auto-Start and Recycle my Leaky Program Once per Day?

  I am trying out AlwaysUp and so far I like the way it works. I’m running this program as a service is for only two reasons: to start when the computer boots and (the most important one) to be able … Continue reading

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ChatGPT Knows Windows Services

Like many folks this holiday season, we’ve been playing with OpenAI’s ChatGPT — the surprisingly conversational AI engine taking the world by storm. We were particularly interested in what ChatGPT thinks of Windows Services, which are highly technical and often … Continue reading

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