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Q&A: Can AlwaysUp Close Dialog Boxes From My Application?

  We’re running a VB application as a service with AlwaysUp. Everything seems to be working except for in one situation. Can AlwaysUp detect when my program hangs with a dialog box waiting to press OK to continue? The application doesn’t … Continue reading

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Q&A: How do I Launch a Service after AlwaysUp Starts my Application?

   I’m interested in purchasing your AlwaysUp application but would like some further information first if you don’t mind. My main goal is to run Google Drive for desktop as a service. But there is an existing Windows Service that … Continue reading

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Tips for Running AutoIt in the Isolated Session 0

Starting with Windows Vista in 2007 and continuing with every subsequent release, Microsoft has banned users from logging in to the first session created as Windows boots. This “Session 0 Isolation” has been accompanied by a steady erosion of the … Continue reading

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