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Q&A: Can AlwaysUp Close Dialog Boxes From My Application?

  We’re running a VB application as a service with AlwaysUp. Everything seems to be working except for in one situation. Can AlwaysUp detect when my program hangs with a dialog box waiting to press OK to continue? The application doesn’t … Continue reading

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How to Automatically Dismiss Popups from a Windows Service

Why Windows Services Should Avoid Showing Popups/Dialog Boxes Unlike a regular application (like Microsoft Word) that you launch from a desktop icon and actively work with to accomplish a specific task, a Windows Service is designed to start when your … Continue reading

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Tips for Running AutoIt in the Isolated Session 0

Starting with Windows Vista in 2007 and continuing with every subsequent release, Microsoft has banned users from logging in to the first session created as Windows boots. This “Session 0 Isolation” has been accompanied by a steady erosion of the … Continue reading

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