Automatically restart failed Windows Services

How to Install Service Protector

You will be on your way to failure-proof Windows Services in less than 1 minute!

Service Protector, our popular utility designed to automatically restart your Windows Services when they fail, is very easy to install. Completing the standard steps below should only take you a few seconds...

To install Service Protector:

  1. Download Service Protector, if necessary:

  2. Double-click on the installer (ServiceProtector_Installer.exe) to start it - not necessary if you downloaded and selected Run in the previous step.

  3. You may see the following security prompt if User Account Control (UAC) is enabled:

    Service Protector Installer Security Prompt

    Service Protector is digitally signed for your protection and our company name (Core Technologies Consulting, LLC) should be prominently displayed.

    Click Yes to continue.

  4. The installation starts off with a welcome screen. Click Next > to continue:

    Install Service Protector: Welcome

  5. You have arrived at the obligatory license agreement screen! Select the I accept the agreement option and click Next > when you are ready to continue:

    Install Service Protector: License

  6. Enter your name and organization (optional) and click Next > to move on:

    Install Service Protector: Name and Organization

  7. By default, Service Protector will be installed in C:\Program Files (x86)\ServiceProtector. If you wish to install it elsewhere, enter the new location and click Next > to continue:

    Install Service Protector: Installation Folder

  8. Service Protector creates an entry in your Start menu and you can alter its name here if you wish. Click Next > to proceed:

    Install Service Protector: Start Menu Folder

  9. Choose the icons that will make it convenient to run Service Protector. As usual, click Next > to continue:

    Install Service Protector: Additional Tasks

  10. We're ready to install! Click Install to start the magic:

    Install Service Protector: Ready

  11. It will take a few seconds to copy the files:

    Install Service Protector: Copying files...

  12. This is the final step. Leave the box checked if you wish to start Service Protector immediately and click Finish.

    Install Service Protector: Finished

  13. Congratulations, you're all done. Go grab some chocolate to celebrate!

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