Automatically restart failed Windows Services

How to Keep Popular Windows Services Running 24/7 with Service Protector

Service Protector monitors and automatically restarts any Windows Service that crashes, hangs, or stops for any reason.

These step-by-step tutorials (with helpful screenshots) show you how to configure Service Protector with several of today's most popular Windows Services. Get to 100% uptime today!

MySQL Database · Windows Print Spooler · Apache Web Server · PostgreSQL Database · JBoss Application Server · MongoDB Database · Atlassian Bamboo · Tomcat Java Application Server · QuickBooks Database Server · Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ) · Abyss Web Server · Mozy Pro/Home Backup · Google Cloud Print · Apple Bonjour · IIS Web Server · RabbitMQ Messaging Server · SQL Server Agent · Jenkins Integration Server · RealVNC Server · Elasticsearch Search Engine · Hudson Continuous Integration · RavenDB Database · TeamViewer Remote Control Server · WildFly Server · FileZilla FTP Server · GlassFish Java Application Server · Confluence Collaboration Server · Openfire Collaboration Server · Bitvise SSH Server · Quartz.NET Scheduler · freeSSHd SSH Server · UniFi Wireless Network Manager · DeltaCopy rsync Server · IIS SMTP Server · Amazon Merchant Transport Utility · Yawcam Webcam Server · Virtuoso Universal Server · Mongoose · Lotus Notes NSD · Redis · SonarQube · Data Capture · Mule · Windows Firewall · Filebeat · Consul · PacketCache · Resilio Sync · SmarterMail

Don't see your Windows Service here? No problem! Let us know, and we will help you get set up ASAP!