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AlwaysUp: Current Release Candidate

This page documents the most recent, stable, pre-release version of AlwaysUp

The software here is most suitable for demonstration use, and can be safely deployed in development/non-critical environments, but please be cautious if deploying in a production environment! Please visit the AlwaysUp main page to download and find out about versions of AlwaysUp that have been released to the general public.

Note that the software available here has been subjected to rigorous automated testing and has been free of major problems. It is now the subject of our extended testing cycle, which includes validation on all versions of Windows and 1-2 month production-style runs. Barring the discovery of major shortcomings, this release will be made widely available in the near future. Please contact us if you need information on our release schedule.

AlwaysUp Version (April 11 2024) New!

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View the User's Manual (PDF, 2.2 MB)   Note: May not be fully updated with all recent changes