Run any application as a Windows Service

What's New in AlwaysUp Version 8.0

Work with multiple applications at once, easily see errors and warnings, and much more!

New feature

Multiple Selection

Highlight multiple applications and start, stop or restart them as a group:

AlwaysUp: Multiple selection is now supported

New feature

Activity Panel

Instead of having to select Application > Report Activity to see recent happenings with your application, hit the F2 key to show the new Activity panel:

AlwaysUp: View recent events in the Activity Panel

Double click on an item to see it in greater detail:

AlwaysUp: Double-click an activity item to see the details

New feature

Start/Restart All in Session

Easily start or restart all your applications in the current session from the Application menu:

AlwaysUp: Start all applications in session

New feature

Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8 Compatibility

We have been testing AlwaysUp on Microsoft's newest versions of Windows for some time now, without any problems:

AlwaysUp: Running on Windows 8

New feature

Much More!

Please see the Version History for the full list of changes.

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