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How Much Money will AlwaysUp Save You?

Let's run the numbers and see if it makes sense for you to buy AlwaysUp or not. Please enter a few estimates to get started.

How much will you pay for AlwaysUp?
A license for a single computer costs $49.99, a one-time cost.
How many hours will it take you to install and setup AlwaysUp?
Most users will have the software working in 1-2 hours.
About how much is an hour of your time worth?
Enter the dollar value of an hour of your time. If you're a salaried employee, you can use this calculator to figure it out.
For how many years do you expect to run AlwaysUp?
Our customer base averages 3-4 years.
About how many interruptions will AlwaysUp eliminate each month?
Enter the number of times that your software fails every month, on average.
How many minutes does it usually take you to resolve an interruption?
Enter the average time you spend fixing the software/system whenever it fails.
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