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AlwaysUp Branding

Customize AlwaysUp for your Organization

Site and OEM licensees are able to brand/personalize AlwaysUp for their own use. The following visual elements can be modified:
  • The name of the application
  • The content of the "About" box
  • The content of the "Help" menu
  • An image/logo can be specified for all mail messages and HTML reports generated
  • An image/logo can be added to the toolbar
  • Web service: Text on the "login" screen, page links, and the main logo

The changes are specified via a simple XML configuration file linked to your unique Site/OEM license file. You are responsible for creating and editing the XML file to customize AlwaysUp as you see fit.


Here's a screenshot of AlwaysUp branded for Microsoft:

Here's a screenshot of AlwaysUp Web Service branded for Microsoft:


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