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Why Choose AlwaysUp to Run your Applications as Windows Services?

From ease-of-use to security, these articles show why AlwaysUp is the best choice to start your mission-critical programs at boot and keep them running 24/7 in the background

AlwaysUp is better than free alternatives (and it's supported too)

Thinking of using a free solution to run your application as a service?

Free is a fine choice for some circumstances but please be cautious in a commercial environment — where there may be financial or reputational consequences when things don't work smoothly.

Be sure to read this article before finalizing your decision.

AlwaysUp is safe & secure (so you can rest easy)

In a world where viruses and malware lurk around every corner, it's important to have high standards for the software you install and run.

This article describes the security features that we've baked into AlwaysUp — to ensure that you and our many customers are protected from bad actors.

Save time & money by using AlwaysUp instead of writing your own code

Sure, your team can probably develop a utility to run your legacy program as a Windows Service, but is that where you want to spend your limited resources?

And are you OK dedicating even more time to maintaining the code up as the Windows operating system evolves?

Read this article to find out why (and when) it's better to rely on AlwaysUp.

We've created over 150 step-by-step guides that help you install popular programs with AlwaysUp

Working with Windows Services can be tricky. And each application brings its own complexities.

We've tested hundreds of applications with AlwaysUp — and come up with the best settings for each. Our guides will get you up and running quickly, with minimum fuss.

With AlwaysUp, it's super easy to install & manage multiple applications

Most alternatives to AlwaysUp focus on installing and running a single application as a service. But what if you want to run 5, 10 or even 20 apps?

The advanced features described in this article show why AlwaysUp is your best option if you expect to run many applications as background services.

AlwaysUp is with you for the long haul

Whether its to add new features, fix bugs or to react to the lastest Windows patches, we're constantly improving AlwaysUp for our customers.

Check out the release notes, which show that we've published at least 3 releases every year since 2004. We won't leave you stranded!

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