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MyFolders Rated “Top Freeware” by Computer! Totaal Magazine

Computer! Totaal Magazine

We are pleased to announce that Dutch monthly magazine Computer! Totaal has ranked MyFolders as one of their “Top 15 freeware tips” in the January 2014 issue! Our convenient, intuitive utility that will save you time when working with your favorite folders came in at #12.

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3 Responses to MyFolders Rated “Top Freeware” by Computer! Totaal Magazine

  1. Dmitry Krapivin says:

    It is a great solution, but not works with Total Commander

  2. Jack says:

    Can you please make a “settings backup” tool inside MyFolders. It’s a bit time consuming when you reformat windows and start from scratch in order to use MyFolders first time again.

  3. Hi Jack, that is a great idea.

    I have added it to our ticketing system and hopefully the team will implement it in the next revision of MyFolders (currently scheduled for Q4-2020).

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