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How to Use VNC to Remotely Access Session 0 (with Keyboard and Mouse!)

Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 contain a curious problem affecting interactive windows services. When you switch to Session 0, you cannot use the keyboard and mouse. This frustrating flaw makes it impossible to interact with any window displayed in … Continue reading

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How do I Prevent the Interactive Services Detection Window from Constantly Coming Up?

Why do I see the “Interactive Services Detection” window? The Interactive Services Detection (ISD) window appears whenever a Windows Service running on your computer is showing a window or prompt in Session 0 — a “background desktop” created when your … Continue reading

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Q & A: How do I Update my Dropbox Preferences?

  I have a 10 installations of AlwaysUp in my company that are running Dropbox as a service. Is there a way I can surface the Dropbox icon in the taskbar whilst it is running underneath AlwaysUp? I need to make … Continue reading

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