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Essential Windows Services: Schedule / Task Scheduler

In this article… What is the Schedule service? What happens if I stop (or disable) the Schedule service? The “Stop” button is disabled. How can I stop the Schedule service? Is it safe to disable the Schedule service? The Schedule … Continue reading

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Q & A: Why Doesn’t AlwaysUp Send Email When My Server Boots?

I’m using AlwaysUp to run Google Backup and Sync. I only receive emails when I manually stop and start the service — NOT WHEN my server restarts. I’m positive that all the settings are correct after double checking with one … Continue reading

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Watch out for Dropbox Prompts when Running as a Service!

Are you running Dropbox as a Windows Service? Do you rely on Dropbox to operate unattended in the background, synchronizing your important files 24×7? If so, then be on the lookout for the new Selective sync warning dialog — a … Continue reading

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