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Service Protector 7.0: Informative Email Alerts, Sanity Check Options and More

Are you responsible for a temperamental Windows Service? If so, you should definitely check out the latest version of Service Protector — the easiest way to achieve 100% uptime today. Here’s what’s new in this release: Email alerts include recent … Continue reading

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3 Proven Ways to Send Email from a Windows Service (Without Outlook)

Not all Outlook functions work from a Windows Service Calling Outlook from a Windows Service can be problematic. Even though many operations work fine, Microsoft has issued some pointed advice for customers looking to run any Office application in the … Continue reading

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AlwaysUp 11.8: Hourly Restarts, Helpful Application Info, Improved Email Alerts + More

AlwaysUp version 11.8 is out! Here are some highlights of this new release: Automatically restart your application every 2, 4, 6, 8 or 12 hours Are you running a legacy application that leaks memory or other resources? Does restarting it … Continue reading

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Q & A: Why Doesn’t AlwaysUp Send Email When My Server Boots?

  I’m using AlwaysUp to run Google Backup and Sync. I only receive emails when I manually stop and start the service — NOT WHEN my server restarts. I’m positive that all the settings are correct after double checking with one … Continue reading

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How to Setup Email from AlwaysUp

In this article… Overview Specifying Who to Email & When to Send a Message Server/SMTP Settings How to use your Gmail Account How to use your Microsoft Office 365 Account Create a Free Account with SMTP2GO Using Another Email Service … Continue reading

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