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4 Amazing Benefits of Monitoring & Auto-Restarting your Mission-Critical Applications

4 Amazing Benefits of Auto-Restarting your Mission-Critical Software

Does your company rely on one or more important Windows applications?

Will your business (and reputation) suffer if those programs stop running or become unavailable?

If so, downtime is your enemy. Look to our AlwaysUp and Service Protector utilities to help you ensure that your applications start at boot and continue to run 24/7 — even in the face of failure.

And getting closer to 100% uptime can have a huge impact on your business. Here are four of the most important benefits of monitoring and automatically restarting your vital Windows software:

1. Fewer support calls

Less support calls

Frustrated customers make phone calls and send angry emails when software stops working. Someone in your company has to take those calls and respond to those emails — often at considerable time and expense.

Automatically curing failures eliminates those infuriating “your software is down again!” complaints. Your support staff will thank you. And even better, they will have more time to focus on the higher-value interactions that move your company forward, not backward.

2. Less off-hours interruptions

Less off-hours interruptions

Picture this: You’re at a pricey restaurant enjoying a rare evening out with friends when your phone rings. It’s your boss. An important customer is down and you need to restore service now.

You rush to your car to get your laptop and spend the next 30 minutes frantically connecting to a secure Wi-Fi network, logging into the VPN and ultimately restarting the offending application. By the time you get back to the table, your dinner is cold and your friends are ready to move on. That sucks!

But none of that needed to happen.

In an alternate universe — one where a “set-it-and-forget-it” application monitoring package has your back — the failure was detected, your application was automatically recycled and your customer was never inconvenienced. You received a friendly email letting you know what happened, just as you started your main course. You didn’t miss a beat.

3. Happier customers

Happier customers

Customers despise buggy software. It can be very stressful when they are trying to complete urgent tasks but the supporting software is down!

Making sure that your software is always available reduces stress. And less stress leads to happier, satisfied customers who remain loyal for years to come.

4. More time to focus on your business

More time to focus on your business

With fewer support calls and less toxic interruptions, you will have a few extra hours each month to focus on important issues. How will you use that valuable time?

Of course, you can move on to fighting the next customer “fire”. There are always lots of those.

But even better, why not focus on advancing and growing your business — for all customers?

P.S. Check out these 30 customer service tips from the folks at Nextiva.

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