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Q&A: Why does AlwaysUp Think my Application Stopped?

  Dear AlwaysUp support, We frequently get the following warning: AlwaysUpService has detected that the application has stopped. However, in the logs of our application we can’t see anything pointing to the reason why the application stopped. Why does AlwaysUp believe … Continue reading

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Windows Admin Center or PC Commander?

Last month, we wrote about Microsoft’s new Windows Admin Center (WAC). Our focus was on using WAC to manage your windows services: But as the links in the left panel suggest, WAC can do much more than start, stop and … Continue reading

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How do I Find my AlwaysUp Application in Task Manager?

When you use AlwaysUp to launch your mission-critical application as a Windows Service, your program will likely run invisibly in the background (on the isolated Session 0). No windows or familiar tray icon will appear on your desktop — which … Continue reading

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When did my Windows Service Start?

Here are four ways to determine when your windows service last started. Solution #1: Search the Windows Event Logs with PowerShell The Windows Event Logs hold a wealth of information about your computer’s activities. Indeed, a new record is added … Continue reading

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Essential Tools for Windows Services: Task Manager

We all know to fire up the Windows Task Manager when we want to terminate a process, see how much memory is being used or find that rogue program hogging the CPU, but do you know that Task Manager also … Continue reading

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