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Q & A: What Setting will Help AlwaysUp Start my App at Boot?

  I’m running on Windows Server 2016. I have noticed on my most recent install that AlwaysUp doesn’t start at boot, I have to do an interactive/RDP login and then open the AlwaysUp GUI to have the services started. Is there … Continue reading

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Q & A: Why does Dropbox Stop Syncing my Files?

  We are currently using AlwaysUp for one of our customers to run Dropbox (inside a terminal server). Lately we have been having an issue where items stop syncing to Dropbox however AlwaysUp says the state is running. In order to … Continue reading

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AlwaysUp not Working? Please Send us these Details so we can Help!

Sorry to hear that you are having a problem running your application with AlwaysUp! Windows services can be tricky beasts but our team of experts has spent many years wrestling them into submission. Rest assured that we will do our … Continue reading

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How to Verify that Dropbox is Synchronizing your Files and Folders

AlwaysUp is designed to run Dropbox 24/7 — starting it when your PC boots and keeping your files up to date all the time despite failures or other unexpected interruptions. You don’t even need to log on! But to gain … Continue reading

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OneDrive Can’t Be Run Using Full Administrator Rights

OneDrive hates admin rights A customer looking to run OneDrive as a Windows Service with AlwaysUp recently contacted our support team for help. Even though he had diligently followed our step-by-step tutorial, his files were not being synchronized as intended. … Continue reading

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