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Q&A: How do I Avoid Errors when Stopping my Plex Windows Service?

  I’ve download the trial version of AlwaysUp and installed it on a Server 2016 standard machine. I’ve created a Windows service for Plex Media Server and all is working well except for shutting the service down (or restarting). Every time … Continue reading

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Q&A: How Do I Give my Windows Service More Time to Stop During Shutdown?

  One of our file ingestion services can take a while to finish all pending database updates and exit cleanly. Sometimes when we reboot the server, Windows doesn’t wait for the service to finish, and we end up with database corruption, … Continue reading

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AlwaysUp 11.8: Hourly Restarts, Helpful Application Info, Improved Email Alerts + More

AlwaysUp version 11.8 is out! Here are some highlights of this new release: Automatically restart your application every 2, 4, 6, 8 or 12 hours Are you running a legacy application that leaks memory or other resources? Does restarting it … Continue reading

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