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“AlwaysUp Powers our Mission Critical Application in Hospital Emergency Departments”

Customer spotlight     Wellsoft EDIS – real world solutions for your Emergency Department

Wellsoft Corporation, developer and provider of the industry-leading Emergency Department Information System (EDIS) since 1990, is consistently ranked #1 in KLAS user surveys of EDIS time and again. Recognized for providing the most complete functionality and most configurable product on the market, Wellsoft is the specialist in Emergency Department Information Systems.

Wellsoft has been including AlwaysUp for its clients since 2007.

Why does Wellsoft use AlwaysUp for all implementations?

  Wellsoft’s Emergency Department Information System (EDIS) is a mission critical application for hospital emergency departments. The software must operate 24 hours a day, with unparalleled availability and reliability. AlwaysUp helps us maintain superior uptimes for clients by:

  1. Automatically starting the Wellsoft application if the server is rebooted
  2. Automatically restarting the application if the server hangs or uses too much memory
  3. Restarting instances of Wellsoft during routine Microsoft memory or CPU spikes that close a running copy
  4. Sending email alerts to report potential problems and support our IT staff

We selected AlwaysUp based on its feature set, simplicity and cost — it was the best solution for our clients.

How are you using AlwaysUp today?

  AlwaysUp is a required part of every implementation of Wellsoft EDIS. To date, we manage over 70 licenses of AlwaysUp in various versions.

What are your favorite features of AlwaysUp?

  For Wellsoft: The ease of use, immediate notifications and customer service are right at the top of the list. When we do require assistance, the level of support from Core Technologies is unrivaled.

For our clients: Ease of use; we have found that even our least “techy” clients can use the information provided by AlwaysUp to determine what they can handle and when they need to involve Wellsoft.

Any other comments on working with our company, support, etc?

  Yes! We recently used the Activity Report feature to help us locate a memory issue that was causing several of our clients to experience program disruptions. We were able to narrow our focus thanks to AlwaysUp’s weekly statistics, saving us incalculable time.

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