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AlwaysUp Feature Spotlight: Scheduled Restarts

What is a scheduled restart and how can it help me? How do I make AlwaysUp restart my application at a regular time? Can you show me a few examples? What are your best tips for scheduling a restart? What … Continue reading

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Backup and Sync getting in the way? Run it off-hours, when you’re not around

We’re huge fans of Backup and Sync — Google’s free Windows utility that continuously synchronizes our PC’s files with But lately, the software has been getting in the way on our development machines. Specifically: Backup and Sync can consume … Continue reading

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How to Run a Python Script Every Hour, On the Hour

Python is fast becoming the world’s most popular coding language. It’s no surprise that more and more administrators are turning to the simple, efficient, and ubiquitous platform for a variety of day-to-day tasks. One question that frequently comes up on … Continue reading

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