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Service Protector 9.5 Helps You Bulletproof Your Network Services

Service Protector 9.5 out! As usual, we focused on improving the software to help your Windows Services achieve 100% uptime — even in the face of failures. Here are the highlights: Advanced safeguards for your network-aware Windows Services Are you … Continue reading

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Essential Windows Services: SysMain

In this article… What is SysMain? Why is SysMain using so much CPU and RAM? Is it OK to disable the SysMain Windows Service? Questions? Problems? What is SysMain? SysMain is a Windows Service that monitors the applications running on … Continue reading

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AlwaysUp 14: Improved Performance, Support for Emby Server, Java WAR Files

AlwaysUp version 14 is available for download! This new release focuses on making AlwaysUp the best tool for running multiple applications as Windows Services. Here are some of the highlights. Significant performance improvements when running many applications Our development team … Continue reading

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OneDrive Slow? Try Disabling Files On-Demand

In recent months, several customers running OneDrive as a service have complained of torturously slow uploads. Files created on a PC take a very long time to appear in the cloud. In one case, it took more than 3 days … Continue reading

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Turbocharge your Applications Running as Windows Services with AlwaysUp

Right now your computer is probably running over a hundred programs! And with just a handful of CPUs available — certainly not enough to dedicate a whole CPU to each process — Windows has to perform some wizardry to give … Continue reading

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