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How to Turn Off Files On-Demand in OneDrive

In this article… What is OneDrive Files On-Demand? What’s the problem with online-only files? Disable Files On-Demand and make OneDrive download all your files to your computer What is OneDrive Files On-Demand? Files On-Demand saves space on your hard drive … Continue reading

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Q&A: Why doesn’t OneDrive Delete my Files when Running as a Windows Service? [RESOLVED]

  Our client has AlwaysUp installed on a Windows Server 2019 platform and uses it to deliver OneDrive as a service. This was set up as per your guide back in August, however, recently we have noticed some issues with … Continue reading

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OneDrive Slow? Try Disabling Files On-Demand

In recent months, several customers running OneDrive as a service have complained of torturously slow uploads. Files created on a PC take a very long time to appear in the cloud. In one case, it took more than 3 days … Continue reading

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