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How to Restart a Windows Service Every Day (or Week)

How to Restart a Windows Service Every Day (or Week)

The easiest way to restart your Windows Service is with our Service Scheduler tool.

It’s completely free, super simple to use and you can schedule your service in less than a minute.

For example, here’s how to restart the Windows Time service every day at midnight:

  1. Download Service Scheduler. Save the executable file on your desktop, or to a well-known folder on your computer.

  2. Double-click the ServiceScheduler.exe file to launch the program. If necessary, confirm the standard User Account Control (UAC) security prompt.

  3. Choose Service Task > New from the menu (or click the button):

    Service Scheduler: New Service Task
  4. In the Add Service Task window:

    1. Choose Restart

    2. From the list of services, select Windows Time (W32Time)

    3. Choose Every and Day

    4. And finally, set 12:00 AM in the time control:

    Restart W32Time daily at midnight
  5. Click the Save button. A new entry to restart the Windows Time service will appear in the list:

    Service task created
  6. And that’s it! Going forward, the Windows Time service will restart every day at midnight.

    Note that it’s just as easy to set up a weekly or monthly restart. Simply choose the appropriate day when configuring your service:

    Service Scheduler: Restart weekly or monthly


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