Screenshots of AlwaysUp

The highly intuitive GUI makes it very easy to setup, install, and manage any program as a Windows Service

The Main Window

AlwaysUp Main Window

The top panel shows each of the applications run as a service while the (optional) bottom panel shows the activity of the selected application.

Start, stop, restart or configure an application via the menu or use the convenient toolbar buttons instead.

Adding an Application: The General Tab

Add Application Window: General Tab

Selecting Application > Add opens the Add Application window.

Enter the full path to the program/batch file/script/executable to run as a service, boost the application's priority, etc.

Adding an Application: The Logon Tab

Add Application Window: Logon Tab

Many applications will not work properly as a service unless they are run in a regular user account. You can specify an account here.

Adding an Application: The Restart Tab

Add Application Window: Restart Tab

Indicate when AlwaysUp should restart your program after a failure.

Adding an Application: The Monitor Tab

Add Application Window: Monitor Tab

AlwaysUp will detect when your program hangs, hogs the CPU or consumes too much RAM. It can also reboot the entire machine at a scheduled, "safe" time if you like.

Adding an Application: The Email Tab

Add Application Window: Email Tab

AlwaysUp can send an email whenever the application crashes, hangs or stops for any reason. Multiple email addresses are supported.

Adding an Application: The Startup Tab

Add Application Window: Startup Tab

Several options ensure that the new Windows Service starts when it should (after other services have started, after cleaning up log files, etc.).

Adding an Application: The Automate Tab

Add Application Window: Automate Tab

Automatically dismiss pesky alerts or fill in login credentials by periodically running an automation script.

Adding an Application: The Extras Tab

Add Application Window: Extras Tab

Capture output to a log file, limit the application to a single CPU, use a special command to stop the application and much more.

Activity Report

AlwaysUp Activity Report

Selecting Application > Report Activity > Today... will open your web browser to a page showing AlwaysUp's activities for the past day. Other time frames are available too.

Activity Item

Activity Window

Double-clicking on an item in the main window's activity panel shows the item in greater detail.

Create Shortcuts

Create Shortcuts

AlwaysUp can create helpful shortcuts on your desktop to quickly start, stop or restart your application as a Windows Service.

Service Security Settings

Service Security Settings

Grant specific users the rights to start, stop or change the Windows Services created by AlwaysUp.

Manage From a Tray Icon

AlwaysUp Tray Icon

Control your Windows Service from a convenient Tray Icon (AlwaysUp tray icon).

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  • For Windows 10/8.1/8/7 and Windows Server 2016/2012 R2/2008/2003
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Compatible with Windows 10 (32 & 64-bit)

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Works with Windows Server 2008 R2 (32 & 64-bit)